In-Mould Label Types

Orange Peel
The most prevalent style of IML label uses a white base material with an "orange peel" textured finish. The film is a five layer construction, voided in the middle. It offers the most cost competitive iml label, is available in a range of thicknesses, has low distortion of moulded parts and good burn through resistance. It is particularly suitable for thin-wall injection moulded food packaging.

Gloss IML
Gloss IML labels are printed on material where there is no voided core layer so a smooth non-textured surface is achieved. Areas of concern include burn through and container distortion. They are more expensive than lighter weight voided iml labels and are most commonly used on heavier containers and industrial packaging.

Clear IML Labels
Clear IML labels also use a solid film that has no white pigment in its construction. This allows a clear, smooth moulded finish to display the contents within a container. It is popular in certain food packaging segments and for providing the "no label" look.

Partial IML Labels
Partial IML labels printed on white film provide visibility of the contents inside clear containers.